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Ethics Code

1. We DON'T PROMISE what we can't FULFIL.

2. Our principle is the CONSTRUCTIVISM . We work for the increase of peoples, organizations and all the Nation.

3. We practice the PARTNERSHIP in the wide meaning of the word. Our partners have assured our LOYALTY AND FAIR PARTICIPATION on the business results.

4. Our works are developed on SOLID CONTRACTUAL FOUNDATIONS, where the execution transparency and the involved parts interests are preserved.

5. We don't develop any work that doesn't have TECHNICAL BASIS and that doesn't attend with rigidity the LEGAL PRECEPTS.

6. All our works are developed under the most rigid SECRECY.

7. All our works are developed with DEDICATION to obtain EFFICACY on the result.

8. We always work in a MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM to face the demand and to guarantee the projects SUCCESS.

9. WE PRESERVE THE IDENTITY of our network people and RESPECT THE ACCESS HIERARCHY to them, and to the information that they have.

10. We don't admit in our work team any person, no matter how many credentials she/he has, THAT DOESN'T FULFIL THIS ETHICS CODE.

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