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“In several opportunities I have developed works counting on Freepower advises. That assistance was of fundamental importance for the success of the projects we worked on together. The complex reached results using the strategies planned and executed by Freepower were amazing, and many times have succeeded my own expectations.”

Dr. Luis César Ambrogi Gonçalves - Ex-diretor executivo do Grupo SHARP e Conselheiro/Consultor Empresarial.
“I’ve known Freepower through its founder Paulo Azevedo. I have appreciation and admiration for Paulo and the certainty that the services provided by Freepower are conducted by him with a lot of ethics, dedication and competence.”

Dr. Ozires Silva – Ex-Ministro da Infra-estrutura e Reitor da UNIMONTE - Grupo CP.
“Freepower is a companie with tradition and much competence to present meaningful results in projects that demand the maximum efficacy in the business strategies execution. The ethics, experience, creativity and dedication of its professionals, attest the commitment that it assumes with the clients success.”

Antonio Pulchinelli Jr., C.E.O. da Nobrecel S/A Indústria de Papel e Celulose.

+55 11 3379.0676

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